Manufacturer Brand Image
£271,494.25 Ex VAT


Manufacturer Brand Image
£271,494.25 Ex VAT

INSIGHT Laser 8K - 37,000 Lumens  - 2,000:1 Contrast  - 8K Resolution (7680 X 4320)



Our flagship projector sits in an elite class all its own when it comes to performance. Providing an ultra-high resolution of 7680 X 4320 pixels through 37,000 lumens of solid-state laser-phosphor illumination, the INSIGHT Laser 8K is the ultimate solution for the most elaborate, medical, scientific, immersive visualization and large-venue applications. In addition to the resolution and lumen performance, the INSIGHT Laser 8K projector uses DLP technology incorporating 3 x 1.38" DarkChip™ DMD™ and DP’s ColorMax™ technology to ensure superb color accuracy and black levels. These are especially vital imaging characteristics when matching projectors in tiled or blended applications.

Simulation & visualization projects requiring unsurpassed detail to the most elite entertainment venues that demand the most immersive experience through large-scale imagery, the INSIGHT Laser 8K provides a new performance benchmark.

Lamp replacements are never required due to the INSIGHT LASER 8K’s solid-state laser illumination system. By eliminating regular lamp replacement cycles, system operation is never interrupted and with its filterless design, long-term maintenance cost is near zero. This key benefit allows the INSIGHT LASER 8K to offer a much lower cost of ownership over the lifespan of the projector. As evidence, the warranty also covers the light source for the same term as every other component in the projector.

Other key benefits of laser illumination:
- Blending multiple projectors is simplified as laser projectors are closely matched “out of the box” for color & brightness
- Predictable and stable brightness provides close tracking in matched systems over the long-term
- DP’s ColorMax™ ensures precise color matching so color drift is never a maintenance worry
- DP’s MultiAxis orientation capability and optional lenses provide design flexibility in even the tightest installation footprints

Key Features

  • High Performance High resolution projector

  • Displays up to 8K-UHD 7680x4320 @ 120Hz

  • Ultra high frame rate capability up to 240Hz at 4K resolution

  • Low latency processing

  • Laser power dimming

  • Input via DisplayPort, SDI or HDMI

  • Compact integrated chassis

  • Long life light source

  • Sealed light module


Colour Processing


  • Powerful seven point colour correction for accurate colour matching.

  • Selectable de-gamma curves

  • Individual R,G,B lifts and gains


Projector Controller Software


  • Intuitive user interface for network control.

  • Simultaneous control of user-defined groups of projectors.

  • At-a-glance monitoring of projector status.


Source Compatibility:
Up to 7680x4320 resolution at 60Hz via DisplayPort, SDI or HDMI.
Up to 7680x4320 resolution at 120Hz via 12G SDI


 Video & Computer




 Communication & Control




Wired Remote
9-pin D-Sub
3.5mm Stereo Jack


3D Formats Supported HDTV Formats Supported
Dual Pipe 7680 x 4320 @ 120Hz (TBC) via 12G SDI 4096 x 2160p (24, 59.94, 60 Hz)
3840 x 2160p (24, 59.94, 60 Hz)
1080p (24, 59, 94, 60 Hz)
Computer Compatibility Bandwidth
Up to 7680x4320 N/A
Remote Control Automation Control
Addressable IR remote Control, Wireless and wired.
On-Board keypad.
Colour Temperature Operation
3200K to 9300K
illumination Type Typical illumination Life
Laser Light Source 20,000 hours


Part No.

Optimised Focus Range*

Lens Shift

7680 X 4320 - - -
1.21 - 1.83:1 zoom 115-627 2.5m - 100m Vert: 0.40 (U) 0.20 (D) frame, Hor: 0.10 (L) 0.14 (R) frame
1.76 - 2.77:1 zoom 115-630 3.5m - 100m Vert: 0.45 (U) 0.20 (D) frame, Hor: 0.10 (L) 0.17 (R) frame
2.70 - 5.31:1 zoom 115-632 4.5m - 100m Vert: 0.42 (U) 0.20 (D) frame, Hor: 0.10 (L) 0.17 (R) frame
At Native 4K - - -
1.13 - 1.72:1 115-627 2.5m - 100m Vert: 0.34 (U) 0.19 (D) frame, Hor: 0.08 (L) 0.10 (R) frame
1.65 - 2.60:1 115-630 3.5m - 100m Vert: 0.40 (U) 0.20 (D) frame, Hor: 0.13 (L) 0.13 (R) frame
2.53 - 4.98:1 115-632 4.5m - 100m Vert: 0.37 (U) 0.20 (D) frame, Hor: 0.13 (L) 0.13 (R) frame

* Lens focal ranges above are the optimised distances but are likely to focus further, please contact your RSM for more details. Lens ratio tolerances: E-Vision Series: +/-3%. HighLite Series: +/- 5%. M-Vision Series: +/- 2%. Titan Series: +/-2%, INSIGHT Series: +/-2%,

Lens Mount

Motorised shift, zoom and focus. Intelligent Lens Memory with user-definable preset positions.

Mechanical Mounting Orientation
Front/Rear Table
Front/Rear Ceiling
Adjustable Front/Rear feet
Built-in stacking points
Eye-bolts for handling a single projector
Optional mounting/grab rail
Table Top or Inverted: Yes
Pointing Up:        Yes
Pointing Down:   Yes
Roll (Portrait):      Yes
Power Requirements Power Consumption
200-240VAC 50/60Hz single phase Power connector: 32A Ceeform (Europe) or L6 30P (USA) 3800W @ 240VACW
Thermal Dissipation Fan Noise
12965 BTU/Hour @ 240VAC (TBC) BTU/Hour 52dBA
Operating/Storage Temperature Operating Humidity
Operating: 0 to 35C (32 to 95F)
Storage: -20 to 60C (-4 to 140F)
10 to 90% non-condensing
Weight (Chassis Only) Dimensions
132 kg
291 lb
L: 113.0cm W: 75.0cm H: 49.3cm
L: 44.5 inch W: 29.5 inch H: 19.4 inch
Safety & EMC Regulations  
UL / cUL, CB, CE, FCC Class A, IEC EN 60825-1 Class 3R Laser Product, IEC EN 62471-5 Risk Group 3, BSMI, FDA, CCC  
Accessory Part No.
Replacement filter set 120-784



*Dimensions included for reference only and are subject to change. Please download the full set of CAD files for this display for more accurate information.


ANSI Lumen Range
  • 12000 and over
ANSI Lumens
  • 37000
Body Colour
  • Black
Illumination Type
  • Laser Phosphor
  • Digital Projection
Max Contrast
  • 2,000:1
  • INSIGHT Laser 8K
  • 8K
  • 3 Chip DLP